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Monday, April 26, 2010

Positive Influence

What influences you? Influence comes from a great piece of music, a great film, or book. What are you filling your mind with? Inspiration is all around us, whether good or bad. I choose to fill my ears with positive and inspiring sounds. Beautiful music and cd's from coaches and mentors. We are all being influenced by someone. It is time we search out the individuals we admire and respect to learn from them, to be influenced by them. Ask yourself this, "Who am I around most?" Whoever it is, may or may not be the right influence. We don't want the wrong influences to make our choices for us subconsciously. Those we are around most have a direct effect on our choices. We are never beyond influence. Start making a choice on what kind of influence you are to those around you and what type of influence you are seeking. The key is to seek out those individuals who have achieved what we desire to achieve and model them. I hope this assists you today. I desire to be a good influence on those that are around me physically and here in Internetland.

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